To the CFPA, access to sexual and reproductive health services is more than a strategy for development; it is an end in itself rooted in people’s right to high quality information and services, to safe and effective maternal and child health services, to equity and equality in gender relations and to sexual and reproductive relations free from stigma and discrimination and from physical, psychological and institutional abuse. These rights are anchored in people’s right to know, their right to decide and their freedom to act on matters concerning their sexual and reproductive health. CFPA will:

  • Empower Caribbean peoples to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health through public education programmes and improve the ability of health professionals to deliver holistic health care and counseling services competently and confidentially through its training programmes.
  • Promote the provision of services within contexts that recognize sexual and reproductive services as a legitimate right of all males, females and adolescents and ensure that access to these services are based on informed consent, choice, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Increase regional awareness of and action against domestic violence and sexual abuse and the patterns of unequal gender relations that make these possible.
  • Promote the involvement of males in family planning and family life and in all other areas related to sexual and reproductive health.
  • Advocate with parliamentarians, religious leaders, parents and the public to remove all social, legal and cultural barriers to the provision of sexual and reproductive health care information and services for all.
  • CFPA’s mission makes the human being the centerpiece of its development strategies. We stand for making prominent the human dimension of development and, in the process, celebrate the value of the man, the woman and the child in the Caribbean.

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