The Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation is a strong network of individuals and institutions that work together to secure Sexual and Reproductive Health care as a human right for all. The following priority areas guide our work:


In order to cultivate a climate where policies and programs better meet the real-life needs of local communities, we work closely with our member associations to advocate at the local, national, regional and international levels for changes in policies and laws that advance Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

Access to Services

We aid the creation of innovative health care models that are cost-effective and viable in rural and urban settings in efforts to reach the most underserved populations with critical information and lifesaving health services, such as contraception, HIV testing, and comprehensive sexuality education.

Reaching Young People

For years, we have worked to provide high-quality, youth-friendly, low-cost Sexual and Reproductive Health services to young people throughout the region. We recognize young people’s rights to comprehensive sexuality education and health services, and we support their development of skills to advocate for themselves to obtain these rights.

Safe and Legal Abortion

We work to protect a woman’s right to choose if and when to become pregnant. We accomplish this by working closely with health professionals and policymakers to confront the stigma and legal restrictions that limit access to Sexual and Reproductive Health services. We remain committed to decreasing the need for abortion by providing information and health services for women, men, and young people.


We believe in everyone’s right to control their own fertility and are committed to providing women, men, and young people – particularly the most marginalized and vulnerable – with family planning information and safe, effective forms of contraception. With the appropriate information and resources, we believe that individuals make the best decisions for themselves and their families.


We develop programs that integrate HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment with existing Sexual and Reproductive Health services. We emphasize the need to provide HIV-related services and address the homophobia, gender discrimination, and stigma experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS.

Building Stronger Institutions

We provide our member associations with a proven framework to strengthen their capacity to offer high-quality, sustainable programs managed by committed and qualified professionals. Building the capacity of our member organizations in these technical areas ensures access to health care for poor and marginalized populations, and supports a broader goal of reducing poverty, providing a better life for future generations, and attaining sustainable development of Caribbean territories.

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