I am sashalee pierre-louis youth liaison at saint lucia planned parenthood association. A hardworking and determined individual who enjoys caring for and spending time with my son. My main role as the youth liaison officer is to keep an open and consistent line of communication open between slppa and yam as well as outside entities concerning srh and youth development matters. I keep the yam organization, motivated and focused on its mandate as guided by slppa. As a result of my keen interest in youth work and outreach, I also work alongside yam to organize training sessions on various topics like gender-based violence, std’s etc., set up satellite tables to raise awareness of srh services and issues. As a single mother, I truly enjoy interacting with youth and learning about the issues and challenges that they face in their everyday life.

This resonates with me at a deep level as I was a teen mom myself. Steaming from my lived experiences as a young mother I strive to officially establish a career as a social worker with a focus on youth work. I believe in the potential of our youth to excel, once we equip them with the essential skills needed for their holistic development. Additionally, when we place in them, trust and faith with some help and encouragement our youth can be better versions of themselves securing a better future for generations to come.

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