Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake

President [Anguilla]

Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake, an Anguillan descendant, was born and raised in New Jersey, USA.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science degree in Individual and Family Studies.

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Mr. Georgino ‘Gino’  Vrolijk

Mr. Georgino Vrolijk

Vice-President & Regional Council Representative [Aruba]

Mr. Georgino ‘Gino’  Vrolijk graduated in 1999 (I.P.A.) as the first male kindergarten teacher of Aruba. He worked for five (5) years at the primary school ‘Colegio Hilario Angela’ in San Nicolas, Aruba, and four (4) years at the Department of Education Curriculum Development Department, with a focus on the new Primary Aruban Educational System.  Since 2008, Mr. Vrolijk has served as the Principal of the Fountain Kindergarten in San Nicolas, Aruba.

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Mr. Dominique Douge

Treasurer [Martinique]

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Ms. Chelsia Patterson

Secretary [St.Vincent & the Grenadines]

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Mr. Damian Dublin

Member [Dominica]

Dr Damien Dublin is a Dentist by profession who joined the Board of Directors of the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association (DPPA) in 1996, motivated by a request from the then Executive Director of the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association, Mr. Willie Fevrier, as well as his innate interest in and involvement with community service.

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Ms. Corinne Lombion

Member [Guadeloupe]

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Khadijah Moore

Ms. Khadijah Moore

Youth Representative [Dominica]

Khadijah Moore is the youth representative on the Boards of Directors of both the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association and the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation. Khadijah joined the family planning movement over six years ago as a member of the Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM- Dominca).

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Mr. Adler Bynoe

CFPA’s Chief Executive Officer [Ex-Officio Member of the Board]

Mr. Adler Bynoe has been involved for numerous years in advocacy initiatives geared to address the high levels of adolescent pregnancy; increasing the demand for the utilization of sexual and reproductive health services; and enhancing sexual and reproductive health service delivery.

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