Jamaica Family Planning Association (FAMPLAN)

FAMPLAN has been pioneering family planning in Jamaica since 1957. Today, it continues to meet the demand for sexual and reproductive health services—particularly among vulnerable communities—by providing a full range of services that include contraceptives, gynecological care, pregnancy tests, breast exams, and post-abortion counseling. In 2013, the organization provided more than 52,000 services. 

FAMPLAN has played a key role in making sexual and reproductive health services available to all Jamaicans. As a result, the country has seen impressive progress at the national and international levels. Fertility rates have declined significantly since the 1970s as women gained the ability to control their pregnancies and number of children. 

FAMPLAN is a major advocate of school-based comprehensive sexuality education and the need for health professionals to embrace youth-friendly services. Their school program equips young people with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices and avoid unintended pregnancy. It also empowers them to take responsibility for their choices and their lives. 

FAMPLAN’s Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) supports young Jamaicans’ right to sexual and reproductive health information and care. These services are critical given that one in five Jamaicans are 10-19 years old, and Jamaican youth are vulnerable to unintended pregnancy and HIV infection. FAMPLAN also strives to increase gender equality by teaching women skills to assert their right to refuse unsafe sex.

Contact Information

Jamaica Family Planning Association – FAMPLAN
14 King Street
PO Box 92
St. Ann’s Bay
St. Ann, Jamaica, WI

P: (876) 972-0260
P: (876) 972-2515
F: (876) 972-2224

E: famplanja@gmail.com

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