Belize Family Life Association (BFLA)

BFLA is the only organization in Belize that focuses exclusively on sexual and reproductive health. It manages five clinics that provide general health services in addition to gynecological care, Pap tests, pregnancy tests, abortion services, pre- and post-natal services, child immunization, and STI and HIV testing. The outreach program runs from three mobile clinics, which offer family planning information and services in areas that are not easily accessible.

BFLA is developing a reputation as a national leader in shaping youth-friendly services. Their program provides health care in a welcoming space and relies on peer educators to lead outreach activities in schools. BFLA focuses much of its efforts on meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of a wide range of young people, including incarcerated youth, sex workers, and LGBTQ youth. It trains volunteers, health personnel, teachers, pharmacists, and community leaders to educate teenagers in and out of school. BFLA has 150 trained peer educators who provide support to youth in 12 schools.

For BFLA, sexual and reproductive health care is not simply a matter of imparting information about STIs or designing activities to increase contraception use. It focuses on supporting the individual as a whole by providing role models, stability, and a sense of belonging. In 2013, BFLA provided nearly 67,000 high-quality, low-cost services to all segments of the population.

Contact Information

Belize Family Life Association – BFLA
2621 Caribbean Shores, Mercy Lane
PO Box 529
Belize City, Belize, CA

P: (501) 203-1018


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